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Margaret Wolff & Shianne Minekime

To launch the new marketing of 'Down in the Lake' by Shianne Minekime, we are offering a copy of 'Alaska Wolff Pack' by Margaret Wolff at a discount price of $10 and free shipping if you buy Down In The Lake for $15. Presently Alaska Wolff Pack is priced at $2,003 on Amazon (not by us) but since there are not many available copies left this offer is for a  limited time only.  For a total of $25.00 both books will be mailed to you, each signed by the author and personalized if you wish. To order you can email us at or telephone at (907) 488 3724 and give us your name and address.   

Down In The Lake
15.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

192 page book. "The Past Becomes Deadly For A Small Town Murder"


 'Down In The Lake' is a suspence novel by Shianne Minekime.  Terror turns a peaceful town into a nightmare when disappearances are discovered that lead back decades into the past. A desperate battle rages as the most recent victem's parents, a sheriff, FBI agent, and the spirit of a victum from the past fight to end the treachery.


  Review:  "Down in the Lake" took me on an exciting adventure that made it very difficult to stop reading when I needed to.  I could feel the fright, confusion, and desperation as I journeyed with the mother through this life changing situation!   If you like mystery or suspense novels with a touch of supernatural, you must read this and all of Shianne's books to come.  MGL

Alaska Wolff Pack
15.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

True Story About of The Adventures of An Alaskan Family Surviving In The WIlds Of Alaska


    'Alaska Wolff Pack' by Margaret Wolff is the true story of an Alaskan family who were able to live their dream in spite of fires, floods, shootings, and an airplane crash.  The delights of living in the Alaskan bush and the closeness and love from sharing a one room log cabin in a forty square  mile yard could not be destroyed by hardships or even death.


  Review from Amazon: This book takes a heartfelt look at one Alaskan family's journey in the 40 mile country wilderness.  Written in an honest, tender way, this book challenges all you know to be true. How can the notion of family and the bonds of love survive multiple tragedies and catastrophic events ? The Wolff family shows us the way.  Within these pages people, loved ones, and events come alive. I felt like part of the family, through struggles and times of joy. The crazy part of this book, written by Margaret herself, is that the entire work is true! Looking at the charmed life I have, this book gave me a harty dose of reality.  Despite all the hardships, this family remains close knit and caring. They definitely serve as an example of the meaning of love, gratitude, joy, and most of all hope. I laughed at Bob and his crazy sense of humor. I gasped as they lost all their material belongings again. I shed tears of sorrow and by the end tears of joy for Margaret, her children, and the amazing love they share. This is an amazing story. A must read for those who love or are fascinated by Alaska, and what it really means to live in the bush.  by Gina Pecor

Alaska Wolff Pack+Down In The Lake
19.95 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Alaska Wolff Pack book and Down in the lake book

***Our Authors would like to add for PERSONALIZED signings of books please contact the through email located in the "contact us" tab. This is to ensure before they ship your purchases out, it will be signed as you would like. Please be sure to add who the book is to, and if needed a breif message you would like them to inscribe for an element of artistic servitude. Thank You!!****

Raised By The Midnight Sun    By Sparky Jones

Raised By The Midnight Sun Book 2   By Sparky Jones

   Shianne signing books in North Pole. Treat yourself to a journey with Shianne into the past and unknown, feel the fright and the strength and courage of those trapped in a nightmare and fighting for their lives.

 Margaret signing books in North Pole. Writing this book was not a choice for Margaret, she just had to tell the story  of her remarkable family and friends.  Her life is so blessed by these amazing people and their story couldn't go untold. 

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